cPanel 78.0.20

Fixed case CPANEL-23165: Ensure cphulkd service checks verify the socket files exist.
Fixed case CPANEL-23889: Ensure the PHP-FPM packages are installed prior to switching PHP versions.
Fixed case CPANEL-24289: Display modsec_vendor SSL error during upcp process.
Fixed case CPANEL-25278: Make account removal tolerate invalid web vhosts config.
Fixed case CPANEL-25310: Fix bug where the file upload part counter was being improperly incremented when a part failed to upload in a manner we could re-try.
Fixed case CPANEL-25611: Fix checkallsslcerts for servers with an IPv6 address.
Fixed case CPANEL-26195: Ensure MariaDB 10.3 is supported on new cPanel installs.
Fixed case CPANEL-26228: Reuse DNS query ID for parallel queries in DNS resolver.
Fixed case CPANEL-26238: Disable persistent UDP in DnsRoots::Resolver.
Fixed case CPANEL-26312: Ensure install is successful when /etc/install_legacy_ea3_instead_of_ea4 exists.
[security] Fixed case CPANEL-26539: Update dovecot to 2.3.5-3. Fixes CVE-2019-7524.

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