cPanel Change Log ~ 78.0.15

cPanel Change Log ~ 78.0.15


Fixed case CPANEL-25389: Preserve munin-node.conf when changing major Perl versions.
Fixed case CPANEL-25413: Make create_user_session return an ip if the hostname is missing dns.
Fixed case CPANEL-25806: Match exim white-space behavior when parsing /etc/mailips.
Fixed case CPANEL-25849: Rename invalid PHP-FPM config files during service startup.
Fixed case CPANEL-25893: Block updates for CentOS/RHEL 7 when outdated openssl is installed.
Implemented case CPANEL-25414: Provide a one time login url after the install.
Implemented case CPANEL-25899: Fallback to IPv4 DCV when IPv6 DCV fails for known proxies.

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