cPanel Change Log – 78.0.18

cPanel Change Log – 78.0.18



  • [security] Fixed case SEC-477: Unsafe file operations as root in SSL certificate storage.
  • [security] Fixed case SEC-479: Local root via userdata cache misparsing.
  • [security] Fixed case SEC-480: Code execution via addforward API1 call.
  • [security] Fixed case SEC-481: Unsafe terminal capabilities determination using infocmp.
  • [security] Fixed case SEC-483: Open mail relay due to faulty domain redirect routing.
  • [security] Fixed case SEC-484: Limited file read as root via EXIM virtual_user_spam router.
  • [security] Fixed case SEC-487: Demo account code execution via securitypolicy.cgi
  • [security] Fixed case SEC-493: Remote Stored XSS Vulnerability in BoxTrapper Queue Listing

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