cPanel Change Logs ~ 78.0.13

cPanel Change Logs ~ 78.0.13


Fixed case CPANEL-25203: Add a stronger out of date notification for MySQL versions less than 5.6.
Fixed case CPANEL-25612: Ensure Global DCV passthrough defaults to On.
Fixed case CPANEL-25626: EA4 install should use cPanelPublicRPMKey.asc.
Fixed case CPANEL-25629: Add removed options for MariaDB 10.3 to migration.
Fixed case CPANEL-25680: Improve reliability of gpg key download in fix-cpanel-perl.
Fixed case CPANEL-25682: Resolve installer and UI errors when no license is provisioned.
Fixed case CPANEL-25734: Prevent resolver from inheriting nameservers for root domains.
Fixed case CPANEL-25762: Improved validation of the mdbox_rotate_interval dovecot setting.
Fixed case CPANEL-25765: Update cpanel-phpmyadmin to 4.8.3-7.
Fixed case CPANEL-25785: Fix restoration of MySQL password hashes in account restorations.
Fixed case CPANEL-25790: Block updates to cPanel & WHM version 78 from LiteSpeed versions which are older than 5.3.6.

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