cPanel v70 – 2018

cPanel v70 – 2018

cPanel version 70

Just a bit of news from the guys at cPanel grafting hard all year long.

“If you’ve started to take a look at version 70, you’ll likely notice that there’s a significant lack of new features. That’s because this version our entire development department focused on improving, finishing, and refactoring existing features. We have made the base of cPanel & WHM faster, less complex, and more easily managed. All of this work will help make it easier for us to add new features in future versions. If you haven’t yet, definitely set up an EDGE server and take a look!

As a reminder, as the first version that we release in 2018, version 70 will be the LTS version for next year. Versions 64 and 66 have already reached End of Life, version 68 and will be End of Life as soon as version 70 hits STABLE. If you aren’t sure what I’m talking about, take a look at the blog post from last year cPanel’s Tiered Update System, and Plans for the LTS Tier.”

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