cPanel & WHM Version 80 now Available!

cPanel & WHM Version 80 now Available!

We get so excited every time cPanel launches a major update – especially for the new features… Here is what the peeps @ cPanel are putting on the plate with Version 80.

cPanel says ~ “We are happy to announce that cPanel, LLC. has released cPanel & WHM Version 80 to the RELEASE tier! For this version, we have focused on speed and expanding the types of websites you can host on a cPanel server.

Here is a few new Features added worth mentioning –

One-Click HTTPS Redirection of Websites

Version 80 brings a Force HTTPS Redirect toggle to cPanel’s Domains interface. When enabled, it automatically redirects website visitors to a secured version (HTTPS) when a valid SSL certificate is installed.

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cPanel API Tokens

We added the Manage API Tokens interface to cPanel allowing cPanel users to issue API tokens. Resellers and third-party developers can use these tokens to authenticate as the cPanel user and issue API calls.

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SpamBox for new cPanel accounts

We are adding an Enable SpamBox option in WHM’s Create a New Account interface, simplifying the process of preventing spam in users’ inboxes

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