Deprecations in Version 66

What will be removed from cPanel Version 66

As stated by the cPanel team there is some great new feature coming in the next major release which I’m really excited about but there is also a couple of things which will be removed. I really do not use Ruby on Rails that must so this will not affect me, but one must assume that there is developers out there which uses Ruby a lot. It seems that cPanel have a solutions for this by introducing the Application Manger where you can manage the Ruby on Rails installation with ease.

  • Ruby on Rails support:
    “With the addition of the Application Manger we’re deprecating the existing Ruby Interface and all of the things that go with it: /scripts/installruby, the Ruby cPanel interface, use of the outdated system Ruby backed by rails. This helps encourage people to start using the new feature, and a current version of Ruby. We currently haven’t defined when it will be removed, however we recommend that any existing Ruby developers start making the move to the new Application Manager. If you or  your customers hit anything that prevents the use of the Application Manager, submitting a feature request will help ensure those things get added or fixed.”

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