How to download a EA4 profile?

How to download a EA4 profile?

How to download a EA4 profile via WHM

As of cPanel version 66 the guys and gals @ cPanel will  include a new “Convert To Profile” feature that will offer the functionality you are seeking. Until then you will find this article very useful as it did for me.

For most of us which uses cPanel as a Hosting platform it is very important to keep backups of once server configuration files. I came across this problem when I wanted to download my Current profile. Like you can see on the picture below there is no download option on the “Currently Installed Packages” tab.

Currently Installed Packages

So like with most things today – I jumped on the web and searched for the solution. I luckily came across this piece of cPanel script /usr/local/bin/ea_current_to_profile which turned out to be useful.

Basically this script  will convert your currently installed packages into a profile and then list it under “Available Profiles”  Available Profiles

Just scroll down until you find “Current EA4 State at (Date & Time) ” – you will see the Download button on the right.

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