Strong Passwords

Strong Passwords

How to choose a STRONG password.

With todays Internet not being so secure anymore and every guy with a computer becoming a hacker – it is very important that you keep your data secure!

So I’m going to show you how to choose a real secure password. This is obviously not a 100% solution but it will make it difficult for them.

  1. Stay away from using Names and birth dates – especially our own.
  2. Use uppercase letters
  3. Right it down somewhere!
  4. And most of all make it long.

The problem with a long password is that you are going to forget it… the simple solution is to write out a sentence and break it down. Maybe look around and see something you going to look at everytime you enter your password.

Something like this:

Pass phrase: I LOVE the watch ON my wrist.

Your Password: iLtwOmw – now just add some numbers and it will be a secure password.


Pass phrase: I am sitting AT the computer and WRITING an ARTICLE about passwords @ 7:36

Your Password: IasAtcaWaAap@7:36

No one will be able to guess this password… Hope this article will be useful to you.





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