Take a Sneak Peak @ new Features in cPanel

Take a Sneak Peak @ new Features in cPanel

There is one way to get an early look at new features before they are in a production ready state: build a cPanel EDGE server. The EDGE tier definitely isn’t ready for production, and will have bugs in it, but you can get a look at what’s coming and get suggestions submitted earlier. To install EDGE on a new server just run this command before running the installer:

[~]echo "CPANEL=edge" > /etc/cpupdate.conf

Doing so will install the latest non-production, EDGE version of cPanel, and let you get a glimpse at the things coming in the next version. Currently it will install the latest edge version of v56 which includes (among other things), an upgrade to cPanel’s internal perl, a new one-page site builder, and a new tool to help you easily transfer server configurations. Version 56 has been in EDGE for a month, and it’s nearly ready for production.

Read source: https://blog.cpanel.com/the-cpanel-development-process/

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