The White Screen of Death

The White Screen of Death

The dreaded blank page…

If you running your website on WordPress you most probably will come across this error once in your life time or heard about it. If this error happens on a off-line test site – no worries – but when this happens on your production site which are already getting traffic – it’s real bad!

I did a update of some of my website’s plugins and never though to check if everything was still running fine on the website afterwards. I came back a week later and suddenly all my post pages was totally blank – not even the header – just a white screen. I almost made a poopoo in my pants!!!

My first notion was that it could be the theme – as I did a theme update a couple of weeks ago and was convinced that this was the problem. After quite some time going through code and  re-installing the theme again from a backup – I still got the same results… I even searched the cPanel forum and came across an article which suggested that one should disable Mod_security on the domain level via cPanel. This did not work as well.

Eventually I stumbled upon the dreaded white screen solutions… it was really easy! The first thing in many cases will be to start checking your plugins. Basically you should disable each plugin one by one and check if you can access your website again. I did not find out why the plugin conflicted with my theme so I just replace it with an alternative plugin for now.

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