WHM User Interface NEW FEATURE

WHM User Interface NEW FEATURE

WHM UI (User Interface) Improvements

Over the last couple releases we have been making significant progress in reducing WHM’s reliance on frames. In version 66 we have eliminated the last few completely, which is making WHM on mobile devices much easier to use, and significantly improving the experience in the cPanel App (now in both iOS and Android). Many plugin developers are working with our team to get things updated and working correctly in a frameless WHM UI. Our UI team is taking a little break from making changes to WHM in the 68 development cycle to let them catch up, and to address any bugs that come up as part of this big back-end change.

WHM Usability Improvements

There are a couple extra things that we were able to fit into cPanel & WHM version 66 as well, which will hopefully reduce the reliance on mouse clicks for some of our users.

First, a large portion of cPanel & WHM servers are only hosting a single cPanel account. Historically, even in those situations many of the WHM interfaces that would make you choose that account before being able to proceed with the next step. Those WHM interfaces no longer prompt for you to pick a user if you’re on a server with only one user.

The existing keyboard shortcuts in WHM are also being expanded in version 66, and will include the collapsing and expanding of the sidebar in WHM. It’s pretty slick.

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